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The Resilience Corps seeks to support unemployed and underemployed young adults through living-wage employment and work experience opportunities. San José has many potential jobs doing critically important work to create a more climate-smart and resilient future for our city; allowing residents to get paychecks into pockets while hugely benefitting our community at large.


Develop the skills needed to launch a family-sustaining career:

  • Earn a competitive wage - $20.85/hour!

  • Gain skills and certifications 

  • Support attending higher education  

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Being part of the Resilience Corps has taught me how to think positively. I never imagined myself using tools like these, but now I have the confidence to try new things and learn new skills."

Rosalina Lopez, Resilience Corpsmember

Service to self

Participants receive environmental education, one-on-one career navigation, support with resumes, interview preparation, and professional networking opportunities to connect with colleges, local businesses, and more!  

  • Personal and professional development opportunities

  • Environmental education on wildfires, water conservation, and climate change

  • Industry-recognized certifications and technical skills training

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Service to community

The Resilience Corps works to improve the public spaces in San José, California. Increasing accessibility and safety in parks and green spaces is our top priority. Having corpsmembers work to improve the environmental degradation that is present in their own neighborhoods is the very definition of a Just Transition.

Service to environment

Corpsmembers combat the effects of climate change through working on projects that conserve water, prevent wildfires, and restore native habitats. Resilience crews also work on critical infrastructures and landscape management projects such as park and trail maintenance, watershed protection, and tree planting.

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 Resilience Corps Food Security Program

On average, corpsmembers help ensure that 400,000 people a month who need a healthy meal in our community can get one. Hear from our food boxing corpsmembers and see how they are changing the lives of others and making the world a better place with our partner, Second Harvest of Silicon Valley. 

Interested in learning more?

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