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Natural resource

Community Impact

SJCC+CS work crews have a significant impact on our community, completing a total of approximately 50,000 hours each year of public service conservation projects. Projects include: neighborhood cleanups; construction of fuel breaks, hiking trails, fences and picnic areas; renovation of parks; landscaping including irrigation systems and tree planting/pruning; concrete sidewalk repair, and assisting at numerous special community events. Crews working on green energy projects complete weatherization and energy efficiency upgrades as well as solar photovoltaic systems installation.

Project spotlight:
Hawthorns "Spike" Fire Prevention

In the fall of 2018, a SJCC+CS work crew completed a week-long fire prevention project at MidPeninsula Regional Open Space. With chainsaws and pole saws, 10 corpsmembers cut a fire break around the Hawthorns Historical Complex at Windy Hill Open Space Preserve, thus protecting historical buildings during fire season. The crew camped in tents each night in this isolated place, cooking their own food.


Midpeninsula Regional Open Space staff  provided educational sessions each day on topics such as astronomy, history,  endangered species, and how to start careers in natural resource management.

Community Partners

We are proud to partner with public agencies throughout the South Bay, helping to complete environmental and community projects. Our partners include:

  • Santa Clara Valley Water District

  • City of San Jose

  • Santa Clara County Parks Department

  • Cities of Cupertino

  • City of Milpitas

  • City of Palo Alto

  • City of Los Altos

  • City of Campbell

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