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SJCC+CS, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, relies on the generous support of community members like you to be able to offer a multi-faceted and robust program. Unfortunately, public funding for schools does not cover the full cost of the additional support services our students require to be successful.

While our students may never know you personally, they will feel the impact of your financial support immediately. We welcome your involvement and invite you to stop by and visit, or attend our Annual Spring Luncheon.







First Aid & CPR training for 1 corpsmember 

Forklift training for 1 corpsmember

Complete personal protective equipment for 1 corpsmember

Full uniform for 1 corpsmember

Eco-passes (transportation) for 6 corpsmembers

Hardhats for all of our corpsmembers in the Job Training Program

Click here to see our Community Partners

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