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What It’s Like Being Part of a Crew

Albertano, an Environmental Projects Supervisor, leads his crew in more than just a professional way. Albertano’s crew forms personal connections amongst each other so that they feel more like a family than just a team. William, an Environmental Projects corpsmember, says, “it’s like a little family…I know they got my back, and I got theirs.” This benefits and increases their comradery, improving workflow and creating a positive work environment. Albertano’s emotional support and professional guidance allow the corpsmembers to feel safe, supported, and connected.

The dynamic amongst the crew is just one example of the strong bonds that can be made at San Jose Conservation Corps and how a positive work environment and a strong sense of teamwork and comradery can leave a lasting positive impact. “I think a lot of them are on the right track to becoming who they want to be in life,” says Albertano, “and I’m proud of each one of them.” These positive experiences allow corpsmembers to grow professionally and personally and form lasting friendships. The stronger the bond, the more unified the team, and Albertano’s crew shows just that. Surrounding yourself with people you can rely on boosts your confidence and allows you to excel in your career.


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