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Living by Our Motto

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Service to self. Service to community. Service to environment.

San Jose Conservation Corps and Charter School develops young adults to create transformational change for our community and our planet.

To corpsmembers, service to self looks like industry-recognized training and certifications, receiving one-on-one case management and coaching, access to transitional housing, an opportunity to earn their high school diploma, and pathways to post-secondary education.

Service to community is fulfilling our community's unmet needs, patrolling urban trail to increase enjoyment and safety, earning AmeriCorps education awards through community service, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training, and providing safe and dignified shelters.

Service to environment is diverting waste from landfills, recycling E-waste, tries, and mattresses, recycling beverage containers for local businesses, working with schools to achieve zero waste, removing invasive species, and constructing and maintaining trails.


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