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San Jose Conservation Corps + Charter School

1560 Berger Dr, San Jose, CA 95112

2650 Senter Rd, San Jose, CA 95111

T: 408-283-7171 

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Solving housing together.

Housing Solutions Enterprise 

A special project operated by SJCC+CS that seeks to develop housing for the 30% of students that need stable and affordable housing.

Multi-Pronged Approach


Paid construction job training

for opportunity youth.

Affordable housing for

homeless youth.

Additional income for  homeowners.

Affordable Housing

 Portable Living Units constructed by SJCC+CS students are placed on trailers for mobility.

They include

approximately 150 sq. ft.

of living space and:

convertible futons for flexible living space for 1-2 people

full bathroom - shower, sink, flush toilet

space heating and cooling appliance plus all utilities

kitchenette - cook top, microwave, refrigerator, and sink

Why Portable Living Units?

What's the difference with other living units?

Help solve housing together!

Host a Portable Living Unit

Earn $500/mo in Rental Income

  • No up front or out of pocket costs

  • Free consultations and site assessments

  • Tenant selection and management included

Easy 5-Step Process

  1. Complete online interest form (right)

  2. Site assessment

  3. Enter into property lease agreement

  4. Deliver portable living unit

  5. Connect utilities

Homeowner Interest Form
Interested in hosting a portable living unit on your property?
Fill out the form below to learn more!

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Download the full prospectus here

Support our homeless youth

Student Interest Form