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Giving Tuesday: Corpsmember Voices

For Giving Tuesday, we’re giving you the opportunity to experience the corpsmember journey through the eyes of our corpsmembers. The photos here show what makes the Corps experiences so meaningful for them and also what they’ve been proud to accomplish in their time here.

Our motto of service to self, service to community, service to environment, shows up in the corpsmember experience in many ways. Student and Corpsmember Belen explains that "being with the Corps has allowed me to go to school and work while also taking advantage of affordable housing." For her, service to self means that she’s supported in achieving her personal goals.

Corpsmember Geoffrey shows pride of his 'service to community' by describing how he resolved hazardous conditions for people visiting Veggielution Community Farm. "My team built a path allowing a dry access point to fresh food for those who need it most." Zero Waste Corpsmember Ansgar works at the Goodwill Mattress Recycling project and explains that 'service to environment' "helps me contribute to society" by recycling something that normally would go to a landfill.

While some find the Corps benefits them personally and provides training they can bring into future careers, others feel they get to be part of something bigger and give back to the community and environment. For most, both are true.

Please donate to support corpsmembers striving towards their goals and accomplishing everything from a high school diploma to building lifelong connections. Corpsmember William explains, "[My crew is] like a family. I know they got my back, and I got theirs." As part of our Corps family, we appreciate your support of our corpsmembers all year round. Show them that you’ve got their back by giving to the Corps today.

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