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2023 Charter School Graduation

The largest SJCC+CS graduating class in almost ten years reached an important milestone last month.

2023 Charter School graduates closed a chapter in their journey as they prepared to embark on the next. Speeches at the ceremony were led by Principal Rahul Sharma, followed by student speakers Valeria Arias-Lomeli and Eric Villasenor, Dean of Student Success Natali Zepeda, California State Assembly Member Ash Kalra, Board President Liz Hunt, and CEO Dorsey Moore. The speeches were filled with reflection and encouragement and left graduates with the empowering message that they can move forward to accomplish anything they set their minds to.

Watch below to hear from Charter School students and staff, as well as see the highlights from the graduation ceremony as our 2023 Charter School graduates take this big step toward the next chapter in their journey.

The recurring theme of this year’s graduation seemed to be new beginnings and redefining one’s story. Sharma addressed the graduates directly, stating, “You are worthy of being here today, but most importantly, you are worthy of being in spaces that people have told you that you do not belong in.”

Breaking these societal barriers with such an important life milestone is a monumental moment in the lives of our Charter School students and a proud moment for our Charter School staff.

Students shared firsthand about their experiences at the Corps and the emotions of graduating.

English and Language Arts teachers Lori Moore and David Saltman shared their thoughts as well, providing a well-rounded conclusion to the 2023 Charter School graduation as we look back on all our students’ accomplishments this year. In particular, our staff praised our students’ persistence and resiliency in the face of adversity.

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2023!

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