Zero Waste / Recycling

The Recycling Department is part of the job-training or Career Technical Education (CTE) aspect of our organization.

Recycling Collections - We have a Collections crew, which serves over 150 recycling clients in the South Bay area. Our clients include restaurants, bars, offices, and schools. Our Driver/Helper teams drive front-loaders, side-loaders, and flatbed trucks to pick-up a variety of recyclable materials, including cans and bottles/beverage containers, paper, and cardboard. Collection crew Corpsmembers receive assistance obtaining their Driver's Permit and License, Drivers' Training, defensive driving, routing, and using the Recycle iQ system (SJCC recycling database)

Eco-Academy - Our Eco-Academy crew is the recycling processing arm of the department. Corpsmembers learn to identify and sort beverage containers on our sort line. They also participate in other warehouse and recycling yard activities, such as forklift training. Eco-Academy is also a training curriculum for Corpsmembers to learn more about recycling and the environment. This involves classes, tours, field trips, hikes, and documentaries on various environmental topics.

Special Events Recycling - We have CMs who participate in Special Event Recycling. The SJCC receives a contract from the City of San Jose to recycle for over 100 special events annually. At special events, Corpsmembers are involved in driving, litter abatement, and recycling activities.

Recycling Internships - Corpsmembers who have graduated from our Charter School can become part of the Intern program. We have recycling internships at various locations around San Jose, including San Jose City College and Evergreen Valley College. The Interns act as the Recycling Coordinator and are also able to take college classes on-campus.