Natural Resource Management

Environmental Projects/Services Program

The Environmental Projects Department provides entry-level positions for all new trainees. Following a one-week orientation program, the new trainees are assigned to one of 4 Field Supervisors and a crew of 12 young people. Here they learn the work ethic the importance of being on time everyday, how to work with their supervisors and fellow trainees and the importance of showing up, ready to work, on a daily basis. Together, they work throughout the south bay area on environmental and community projects provided by our many sponsors, such as the Santa Clara Valley Water District, the City of San Jose, the Santa Clara County Parks Department, Cities of Cupertino, Milpitas, Palo Alto, Los Altos, and Campbell.

The Environmental Projects Department continued to be the organization’s strongest “fee for service” department, with crew salaries and program costs being paid by secured project contracts. Despite large budget deficits for Santa Clara County and the City of San Jose, we maintained strong relationships with our public supporters, completing a total of approximately 50,000 hours each year of public service conservation project work, such as Neighborhood Clean-ups, construction of fuel breaks, hiking trails, fences and picnic areas, renovation of parks, tree planting, pruning, irrigation systems, landscaping, installing horseshoe pits, graffiti removal, storm drain stenciling, concrete sidewalk repair, and assisting at numerous special community events.

Every year, students learn the safe use of power and hand tools, landscaping and irrigation systems, fuel break construction, trail building, park renovation, and concrete finishing, just to name a few.