Charter School


The San Jose Conservation Corps Charter School is an independent charter high school that provides education, employment training opportunities, and personal development to former dropouts, low income students, and disadvantaged young adults who have fallen behind in acquiring credits towards graduation and/or have left school for whatever reason. Our goal is not only to help our students obtain a high school education, but also to develop strong work ethic and job skills, so that they become successful contributing members of the community.

The overall goal of the San Jose Conservation Corps Charter School is to produce graduates who have successfully met the standards set forth in the California State Standards, completed the requirements for a specialized vocational certificate, or a high school diploma.

A key element that distinguishes the San Jose Conservation Corps Charter School from traditional high school settings is our belief that “out-of-school” students do indeed possess the ability to be successful learners and are capable of making significant positive contributions to their schools and communities.


The San Jose Conservation Corps Charter School currently serves 450 students between our two campuses – 150 at Senter Road and 300 at Berger Drive. Classes at both sites are small and teachers can, therefore, attend to the specific needs of each student. While many students have fallen through the cracks in traditional, comprehensive high schools, we at the SJCCCS seek to address the needs of each student who walks through our doors. As a staff, we encourage students every day to make positive choices and look towards their graduation. Our school does not seek to exclude the members of our community, but rather to include them and provide a positive environment for their persona, educational, and professional development.

Our Senter Road campus has seven classrooms. Our Berger Drive Campus has nineteen new classrooms, a community hall, seven offices, and childcare center.

SJCCCS takes a unique approach to helping students graduate. Along with taking challenging core classes in Math, Science, Social Science, and English, students are offered concurrent classes, CCOC training, community college classes and many other options for earning credits. An emphasis at our Charter School is helping students to acquire skills that will help them to secure a job or post secondary education after graduation.


We have been a fixture of the San Jose community for more than 23 years. As we have grown, we have seen our number of graduates increase from 86 in 2003 to 400 in 2010.