Tattoo Removal

The San Jose Conservation Corps Charter School is a firm believer that having visible/gang related tattoos removed dramatically increases employment opportunities. This is why SJCCCS requires students to be enrolled in tattoo removal as a condition of being enrolled in our school/program.

SJCCCS has partnered with “Clean Slate Tattoo Removal Program” and “New Skin Adult Tattoo Removal”.

Clean Slate is a free program available to San Jose residents (especially SJCCCS members) with tattoos on hands, wrists, neck or face between the ages of 14 and 25 and living a gang free lifestyle. Participation in school/and or work is a requirement (satisfied at SJCCCS). Participants must also attend weekly life skills workshops and complete 30 hours of community service. For more information please contact (408) 794-1660.

New Skin is an affordable way to remove tattoos. Their mission is similar to SJCCCS, as they believe everyone deserves a second chance at life. They offer our students tattoo removal on a discounted rate of $50 per 3 minutes of removal. Please contact (408) 899-9695.