Vision & Mission

Founded in 1987, the SJCC has provided more than 20,000 "at-risk" disadvantaged young men and women with academic education, hands-on learning, and development of basic skills. These skills include leadership, communication, computer literacy, and employment training which will help them to advance and excel in their future and careers. The SJCC offers secondary education courses through its on-site charter school and vocational education and job training through its Projects and Recycling Departments. SJCC also offers their YouthBuild program for its students which combines academics with vocational training and experience in construction trades.

The San Jose Conservation Corps & Charter School is a non-profit organization that provides youth with a quality high school education and teaches valuable work and life skills that empower them to become responsible, productive, and caring citizens.

Specifically, we provide education opportunities for students to earn a high school diploma or prepare for the California State Exit Exam exam in our Charter High School and through after-school homework assistance at our partner high schools.

    1. Environmental conservation projects and community service.
    2. Construction and rehabilitation of affordable housing.
    3. Recycling and environmental education and training.

Teaching work ethic, teamwork, and essential life skills, through mentoring and leadership training.

Promote economic self-sufficiency through career assessment, employment development, and job placement and follow-up services.

Our values are practiced each day by our staff and students and guide us in our dealings with each other, our community, and our clients.

Citizenship - We strive to be good citizens in the communities in which we live, work, and serve.

Humanity - We value the innate talent, diversity, and potential of every individual. We believe that it is people that matter, and it is only people who can make a difference, now and for the future.

Education - We believe that life-long learning is the key to success.

Integrity - We strive to treat each other, our clients, sponsors, and vendors with integrity, openness, and honesty.

Safety - We believe that safety comes first and that it is never compromised by production goals, deadlines, or other considerations.

Initiative - We encourage initiative, commitment, and creativity in our students and staff as they strive to achieve personal and organizational goals.

Teamwork - We value teamwork and the impact an individual has on a team. We recognize and celebrate individual and team accomplishments and contributions.

Participation - We expect excellent attendance, participation and perseverance in attaining goals.

Service - We cultivate the ideal of life-long service and take pride in the contributions we make to our community and organization.

Quality - We work to provide services and products of the highest quality.

Customer Satisfaction - We strive to ensure total customer satisfaction.