San Jose Conservation Corps & Charter School

Keiren RISEs at Stanford

Her results on what happens in a person's digestive system when they drink potable reuse water were presented at the Stanford engineering building on the last day of her RISE (Raising Interest in Science and Engineering) Summer Internship.

Keiren was chosen by SJCC+CS math teacher Lisa Melendy for the RISE program because "Keiren is really motivated and responsible, and had a fabulous recommendation from her science teacher." 

Melendy joined Keiren at Stanford as part of the Ignited Summer Fellowship that pairs local teachers with experienced mentors to complete challenging projects for the host organization. Lisa "really liked being in a real lab setting again. It was fun to support development in the third world." More importantly, the fellowship allowed Lisa to develop a curriculum for her classroom to help further inspire and engage her students at SJCC+CS. 

For Keiren, it was an opportunity to be exposed to a college experience, make new friends, and help her figure out her future academic interests. Keiren, a native of the Philippines, is planning on graduating from SJCC+CS in December. She intends to enroll in community college and eventually get a degree in the field of science.