San Jose Conservation Corps & Charter School

Student Rights and Responsibilities » Rights


1.      Students have the right to an education which is and will be of value to them. This includes learning to function in our modern-day society as a responsible citizen.

2.      Students have the right to a reasonable expectancy of physical safety and protection of personal property on school grounds during normal school hours and during school sponsored activities.

3.      Students have the right to receive respective reasonable treatment at all times from school personnel and each other.

4.     Students have the right to talk with teachers, counselors, administrators, and other personnel connected with the school.

5.     Students have the right to know each of their teachers grading procedures. They have the right to see the grades in the grade book with an explanation of the grades by the teacher on an individual basis in any class, subject to appointment. Students have the right to have errors on their records corrected.

6.    Students have the right to participate, through established student organizational structure (Policy Committee), in the development and revision of policies, rules, and regulations, including curriculum, to which they are subject. They further have the right to be notified reasonably in advance of formation and enforcement of such policies, rules, and regulations.

7.    Students 18 years of age or older have the right to sign all official school documents and represent themselves in all school related matters.

8.    Students 18 years of age or older have the right to see their own school files. Records of student under age 18 may be reviewed by parents or guardians. Students have the right to insert rebuttals to information and opinions in the file.

9.    Students have the right of due process. Students have the right to appeal any action they believe has violated their rights.