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Graduation Requirements

Graduating from the San Jose Conservation Corps & Charter School is not all about credits; back in “traditional schools” it was… but we at the SJCC Charter School have the bigger picture in mind in order to provide you with all the tools and skills it takes to be successful after high school. The following is a list of the requirements for a high school diploma from the San Jose Conservation Corps Charter School.



All students must obtain 180 credits (see chart to the below for breakdown) and pass both California High School Exit Exams (English and Math). By law there are some exceptions to the latter requirement.









40 credits (total)

English Language Arts

English 9, 10, 11, 12 (or transfer equivalents)

(Does not include support classes, CAHSEE English, reading courses, etc).

30 credits (total)

Social Science

World History,  Geography,  US History (10 credits), Government/Civics, Economics

20 credits (total)


10 credits Algebra (CA required), 10 credits other math course

20 credits (total)


Life Science, Physical Science  (10 credits each)

25 credits (total)

SJCC Fundamentals

Foundation of Life  Course (includes health, careers, consumer education, and life skills-15 credits), Computers (10 credits)

5 credits (total)

Fine Arts

Any fine arts/foreign language course

40 credits (total)


Any other courses not listed above will satisfy this requirement including CAHSEE and support classes






Beginning the 2005-06 school year, all California public school students must pass the CAHSEE in addition to meeting all of the state and local requirements to receive their high school diploma. (see California High School Exit Exam for more information about the CAHSEE).



Beginning the 2013-14 school year, all students will be assessed in the areas of English and Math. Students must show significant improvement on their assessment benchmarks in order to be considered for graduation. Those testing at 12th grade or higher will be considered as having satisfied this requirement.



The San Jose Conservation Corps and Charter School was created to serve students who have previously dropped out of high school. We believe that as young adults, completing just the basic requirements for a high school diploma does not prepare the student for success after high school. In order to order to maximize each student’s success rate for college or employment, each student must successfully pass 16-weeks of computer training and 24-weeks of the Foundations of Life courses which integrate pertinent adult information such as health, careers, consumer education, and life skills.



In order to be considered for graduation, each student must have a valid email address. The student must be able to demonstrate that they are actively utilizing communication by email. SJCCCS will also communicate important information to the student via email as would important contacts outside of SJCCCS would (such as potential employers). Email will be the main form of communicating with the student for follow up after graduation.



In order to be considered for graduation, each student must complete and submit a student portfolio. This should be assigned and completed in the Foundations of Life courses and will include important information preparing you for college or the world of work. Without the portfolio, a student will not be eligible to receive their high school diploma from the San Jose Conservation Corps and Charter School.



Each student will be selected for Leadership Development during or before their anticipated last grading period. Leadership Development is a six-week course designed to introduce and guide students through the 23 YouthBuild Leadership Competencies as outlined in the Student Commitment section. The Leadership competencies will help students have the tools they need to take responsibility for themselves, their families and their communities. Mastery of all competencies (as determined by the Leadership Developer) will be required in order to receive a high school diploma.



The San Jose Conservation Corps and Charter School is an organization and school that is actively involved in the community. Serving our community has been the focus of our entire existence. Our appearance in the greater community is important for the future of our organization. Part of the SJCCCS values is service and leadership. Our sole mission is to prepare students for success out of high school. Since it is the nature of our organization, each student will be required to complete 16 hours of community service in order to be considered for graduation. Community Service hours may also be completed around the school and must be approved by administration beforehand.



Each student must successfully participate and pass WW (each grading period they are enrolled). Failure to do so will delay expected graduation date until all course work is made up. This course is designed to help improve student writing skills in preparation for college or workforce demands. Students must show active participation and substantial progress in their writing ability before being considered for graduation. See Student Commitment section for a complete description of the expectations.